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Some very nice touches here.

Robert Scoble shared this over on FB. Loved this song, but even more can be found on Asaf’s YouTube page. I love when one can see the songs being made. Not always a big fan of solo gimmickry  and loops, but when done well it is very satisfying. I love the part where he brings in the cigar box guitar (or maybe more correctly the gasoline box guitar)


One normally has a love-hate relationships with ads. In this time of DVR and Netflix (and competitors) one can easily skip ads and we are not at the mercy of the ad barrage as we used to be. Still ads are interesting in themselves as media. I especially appreciated the wide variety and interesting nature of Indian ads after watching ads in UK which all seemed to be carbon copies of each other. At times the ad is great for the way it embeds the brand into your brain (for eg. OK soap, Washing Powder Nirma, Humara Bajaj etc.) and others just feel good, like a music video would. This DoubleMint ad is more of the latter variety. It came up on top of a YouTube video I was watching, and the ad and the accompanying soundtrack made me sit back and watch the whole ad. I enjoyed it – made me smile. Worth a watch, almost a mini movie in itself, with all the cliches (with small little twists in it). Great use of a wonderful song too.

James Bond “shaken”

I did not think it mattered at the time, and just laughed off the Pan Bahar ads with Pierce Brosnan. Now I see this article with Remington Steele mentioning that he was misrepresented and that he did not intended his image to be used for a pan masala. What I find interesting is my reaction to this news, I am actually please that Pierce Brosnan did not really do this ad – I had thought I did not care less, but looks like I was a tad disappointed seeing him peddle pan masala. Oh! Well!

Rosie Yang – Why Not Love!

Thanks to Netflix I have, of late, been chilling out on a lot of Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese drama. Many of them have fantastic soundtrack, for eg. the Taiwanese romantic comedy Love Cuisine (Chinese title –Cuisine High School Students). Check out this absolutely cool song (Why Not Love! by Rosie Yang Kailin) played during the closing credits of this show.

Blog about what?

For quite a while I have been away from blogging. Work was the number one reason. In the time that was available I seem to have been satisfied by sharing stuff over on FB rather than writing out a post.  Well that’s my excuse, and I am sticking with it!

Blogging 201

Blogging 201

To start on a new chapter wrt blogging I had to think why and what? This particular blog was setup just as an experiment of trying out the Mumbai DC of Amazon and to utilize my domain name again. Over the last two years I did try my stab at two different versions of the static blog. I might still revisit that idea, as I keep feeling that a minimal blogging engine is all I really want – but the reality is that I did not put any effort into the workflow for that. I was getting caught up in vicious cycle of not wanting to write till I got my workflow down, and not getting the workflow down till I got it perfect and knew what I wanted to write. End result – zilch!

End of this August, my work eased a bit; and I had to restart my brain again. One of the things I have always depended on in such cases was my old blog. So without thinking too much I wrote a post on just to check if people still read it (my idea of a successful post is 5-10 people reading it). I was gratified to find that three close friends did read it and did look out for more from me.

Then the AWS experiment this weekend resulted in this site and having done all the work setting up the site and point a subdomain to it,  I realized it is time to just start boring the stray reader again. That covers the why, sort of. I don’t think I have a better explanation than that.

But what?

I started blogging on Blogspot in 2004 – more than a decade ago. Over time the blog there ebbed and flowed, then moved to where it kept moving in spurts till finally it trickled down.

Part of the reason was the slowdown due to work and other aspects taking over my time. The other part was finding a reason to write? The early days of the blog read as part diary part “hey look here, what I found!”. I felt I was getting too old for the former and FB and twitter seemed to be the place for the latter.

The content point is still not resolved in my mind. I would love it if I could specify a scope for the contents of this blog and then write to it. I don’t think it is me though.

So for now I will set no scope and just go with the flow. I am going back to the original blog mode, and will also use it to note interesting parts of my life and of the world around me. Aim of the blog will be a place to note things that I can read back and smile about. Let’s see how it goes.



Image of Blogging 201  uploaded by Jonny Godstein on Flickr and shared here under Creative Commons 2.0 license

Pouring Liquid Gold

Was searching the interwebs for a good tabicon for this site and found this wonderful CC shareable photo uploaded by Dan Brown.
Thanks Dan for a putting up a wonderful photo and for sharing it under creative commons.

Pouring Liquid Gold

Another day another blog site

’nuff said 🙂

Created this while playing around creating site on AWS. Might decide to use this as my main site if it works out well.

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