One normally has a love-hate relationships with ads. In this time of DVR and Netflix (and competitors) one can easily skip ads and we are not at the mercy of the ad barrage as we used to be. Still ads are interesting in themselves as media. I especially appreciated the wide variety and interesting nature of Indian ads after watching ads in UK which all seemed to be carbon copies of each other. At times the ad is great for the way it embeds the brand into your brain (for eg. OK soap, Washing Powder Nirma, Humara Bajaj etc.) and others just feel good, like a music video would. This DoubleMint ad is more of the latter variety. It came up on top of a YouTube video I was watching, and the ad and the accompanying soundtrack made me sit back and watch the whole ad. I enjoyed it – made me smile. Worth a watch, almost a mini movie in itself, with all the cliches (with small little twists in it). Great use of a wonderful song too.